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Dakota Prairie Winds Parish 
Concordia Lutheran Church-Benedict, ND  
Our Savior Lutheran Church-Max, ND
Our Savior Lutheran Church Council Members:

President - Trevor Kohler
Vice President - Alan Westman
Secretary - Ronda Kohler
Treasurer - Becky Tebby
Deacons/Trustees - Curtis Kohler
                                 -Craig Aberle
                                 -Terry Kohler
                                 -Heather Hauf


Concordia Lutheran Church
Council Members:

President - Rick Talbott
Secretary - Jessica Henne
Treasurer - Laura Gray
Deacon - Karen Polsfut
Trustee - Brigette Cargo

"May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord's face shine unpon you and wash you in almighty, abundanct grace!"

Reverend Erin Lynn Gullickson

Dakota Prairie Winds Parish

Concordia Lutheran Church, Benedict, ND

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Max, ND

(701) 240 - 5344
(701) 679-2995